This is a the in itial part of a competency-based assessment.  In competency-based education, the curriculum is set out as a series of competencies (criteria/skills) that need to be accomplished to show attainment of a particular educational objective or qualification.  A learner's progress on a competency is assessed with a criterion-referenced test.  Pre- and post-tests are administered to assess the learner's knowledge of the materials.  The self-test below shall determine your level of progression in  terms of knowledge acquired in PC Operations. Fill in the blanks with your best answer:
  1. ______________________________ is the most widely used operating system for PCs .
  2. You press the ________________ key to get a screen shot of your desktop and stores it in memory.
  3. The ____________________________________(2 words) is a file management window which displays the contents of your computer into two panes, the left pane for the drives and folders and the bigger right pane for the files and subfolders contained in each drive or folder selected from the left pane.
  4. To run a program or open a file represented by an icon on the desktop, you may _____________ (mouse operation) its icon.
  5. ____________________________(2 words) is a word-processing software included in the Microsoft Office Suite.
  6. A ________________________(2 words) is a window that provides controls that allow you to specify how to carry out an action. It usually includes the buttons OK and Cancel.
  7. During the ________________________(2 words) the computer checks its own circuitry to determine if all its parts are in good working condition. It is also called Power-On-Self-Test (POST)
  8. By pressing the combination of ________+________+________ (3 keys) you can select to close programs that have stopped responding.
  9. A ________________________ is a programmable electronic mechanical device that accepts input, processes data, stores data and produces output.
  10. The ___________________________(2 words) includes the case that holds the motherboard, microprocessor, power supply, memory, storage and other input/output devices for a personal computer system.
  11. The _____________________________(2 words) is the software that acts as the master controller for all the activities undertaken by the computer hardware system.
  12. Most of today’s software includes the _____________ bar with a list of commands, command titles and options such as File, Edit, View, …, Help.
  13. A ______________________(2 words) is a rectangular Windows object or area into which you can type text and usually marked by a change of the mouse pointer arrow into an I-beam
  14. To activate the numeric keypad on the computer keyboard, press the ______________ key.
  15. When a window cannot hold the entire content of a file, the _____________ bar provides control in using the mouse to shift or move the display to the other unviewed parts of a file.
  16. _________________________  devices refer to all the other input, output or storage devices that are attached externally to the system unit.
  17. The two toolbars that are normally placed below the menu bar in the Microsoft Word window are the _________________________ toolbar,
  18. and the __________________________ toolbar.
  19. The ___________________ is a scaled part of the Word window which displays and provide immediate access to tab marks, indentations and margins.
  20. __________________________(2 words) or layout option refers to how pictures and objects are displayed or positioned in  relation to texts and paragraphs
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